Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Week Fit for a Kid

What a great time of year. Oh, to be a kid!! Last week was Farm Week at school and so (like last year), the girls boycotted the cowboy/farmer attire and went for kitty cats. Meow.

And then there's Halloween...the girls really "got it" this year as we hit every inch of the neighborhood. Here in Rome, the Halloween date was officially changed to Saturday night, and it seemed that everyone was ready for it. Jack was a champ and did his usual: sat back and watched all of the action!

Sometimes I think that the girls have gotten so big; but tonight, as my little ladybug and bumblebee made their way up the big steps to each door, as masked ghouls and witches ran past them, I realized how little they still are and thanked God for that. And now Chad and I are kicking back for a little candy feast.

A ladybug, bumblebee, and (very hungry!) JACK-o-lantern

The end of the night...

...and a late-night snack!

(Tomorrow, that is!!)

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