Monday, May 10, 2010

Creepin' In

It's coming...the signs are everywhere: we went for a walk a few mornings back and were greeted by the sweet scent of honeysuckle; we're making a list of what to look forward to at the beach next week; the swimsuits and sunscreen are easily-accessible; the crickets and cicadas are getting louder and louder; and a big star marks it on our kitchen calendar... SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!! And we can't wait! 3 more days of schedules and hurried mornings, 3 more days of tennis shoes, backpacks, and lunch boxes. I feel like the onset of summer is just as exciting and magical as a 32-year-old as it was as a kid. I think that the thing that gets me is the way summer break marks an ending to things: this is the last year of Aly in a mother's-morning-out type program just a few mornings a year is 4-mornings a week pre-K! Caroline started the year just a week from turning 2 and know she communicates in full sentences and thoughts! And the baby who started the year just barely the size of a lime in my belly is 3 months old today! So to celebrate these milestones, we're going to spend the next 3 months in sandals and flip-flops, eating popsicles and ice cream, and trying to get into some kind of water everyday. We will enjoy a trip to the beach, 2 full weeks in New York, strawberry-picking, sprinkler-running, and firefly catching. Happy summer to all!

The new (and easier!) summer-do

My sweet 3-month-old

A Summer Treat

Baby Mine

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Kris said...

I love this post!! So well written Karin!! And I love Aly's new do...she is so beautiful! I am so thankful for these blogs where I can catch a glimpse of your life! Love you! Hooray for summer is our anthem too!