Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures for the grandparents!

When Aly was a baby, I sent an email out to the grandparents every week with pictures. I didn't send as many of Caroline, but definitely kept everyone well updated. My poor parents... Now that Jack is here, I am awful at more than just sending pictures, but taking them and downloading them as well! So here are the few pictures of our sweet little guy from the past month.





We are having such a great time with him; it's amazing how quickly a family can fall in love. He is smiling, laughing, and cooing regularly now (the above picture doesn't do justice to how precious his toothy grin is!). The girls make it their goal to get him to laugh, and recently they've taken it upon themselves to "teach" him to roll over-- he gets stuck on his side! He is so laid back and sleeps well, whether in a crib, infant carrier, or on one of the girls' beds while we are meticulously picking out what to wear every morning!

The girls really have been great with him, but also do a great job sharing him; he is the main attraction at Wednesday night dinners at church as kids wait around our table for a chance to hold him! Chad has never been big on personal space, and I think that the trait has been passed down to the girls...but he loves his sisters and lights up when he hears their voices.

A little afternoon sprinkler fun

Jack Smiling :-)

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Cortney said...

thank you, karin! i needed to see his face! i cannot wait to meet him :)