Friday, February 19, 2010

More baby pictures!

What a week! We have thoroughly been enjoying getting to know our Baby Jack. We were welcomed home from the hospital by two excited girls and lots and lots of snow! What a fun memory!

Jack has been a very easy-going baby so far (knock on wood!!) He more or less sleeps when he is supposed to and eats when he is supposed to. We'll see how long that lasts!!

After Jack's first bath

Sweet little face!

I'm not sure what this week would have been like without Nana and Papa. They have given baths, packed lunches, cooked meals, dressed kids, done laundry, cleaned the house...even organized our laundry room! They leave tomorrow morning, so I'm bracing myself for our new life!
Jack and Papa...

...and Nana

Chad was actually out of town until Sunday; I know he was ready to get home to spend some time with his new family!

Finally, Jack got to go to his first basketball game last night. He did a great job, was held by about 20 different people without a fuss, and brought home a win for the team! Go Hawks!!

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