Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ballerina Weekend

In all of the excitement surrounding the arrival of Jack, I've forgotten to post a few pictures from a few other special events... In the weekend sandwiched right in between Aly's birthday and Jack's birth day, we had a ballerina weekend. First, was Aly's much-anticipated dance recital. She did great, had a blast, got some pretty roses, and (best of all!) got to wear make-up!!

My two Ballerina Girls

Aly and Lizzy

All Made-up!

In full-form!

On the Sunday following the recital, the girls and I made one last "Girls-Only" trip to Atlanta to watch the ballet Cinderella. It was beautiful, the girls loved it, and my contractions held off until the following day! Best of all, it was a memorable day with my sweet girls.

Quick Pose

During Intermission

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