Sunday, December 13, 2009

My VERY FAVORITE tradition

After 12 months of waiting, wearing out the c.d., and telling and retelling the story, the day finally arrived: "Nutcracker Day." It actually started off as every other Saturday morning, the four of us loading up in pajamas and driving to the local bakery for "Donut Day". When we pulled up our driveway, car full of the sweet aroma of fried dough, Caroline burst out into tears saying, "I don't want to go home! I want to go to the Nutcracker!" But not too long after, with tummies full and new Christmas dresses on, we were out the door to Atlanta's beautiful Fox Theatre. The weather was freezing, the lights downtown were glistening, the orchestra was wonderful, and the ballet was everything that the past year has built it up to be. Caroline (my non-sitter-stiller) was captivated on the edge of her seat and both girls woke up this morning talking of Clara, Fritz, and the Rat King. (well, they've been doing that for a year now but today Caroline had more to contribute after seeing it with her own eyes!) They are already talking about next year. Thank you, Chad, for the perfect Christmas present: sweet memories with my girls!

Too excited!!

Aly and Big D at Steak 'n Shake

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The Smiths said...

So sweet Karin! I know how much your girls love this... I know it was so fun to watch their eyes light up! When I took Mary B, I thought a lot about Aly and Fritz!!! What a special "relationship", ha! Their dresses are precious, mama looks great too!