Sunday, November 8, 2009

Visit from Papa!

The girls' Nana and Papa live in New York. Stinks. But Papa has meetings in Birmingham this next week, so he flew in early to get some special time with the Warner family! The girls had been counting down the days until his arrival as if it were Christmas; on Friday morning when Caroline woke up, she asked, "Today Papa Day?!" Once he got here, they wouldn't allow him to be in a room by himself (I found Caroline laying face down on the floor outside his bedroom this morning while he dressed!) They followed him around like puppies and were giddy at his tickling hands coming to get them throughout the visit! While he was here, he witnessed two basketball games, lots of dances, Aly's tendency towards moodiness, Caroline's frequency towards being oblivious to rules, but also lots of laughter, cuddling, and playing. We are so thankful that he made the trip, and can't wait until February when he comes back and brings Nana with him!

Papa and his shadow

Just can't get enough!

"Syrup Sunday" with Papa

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Eva Gallant said...

Your girls are beautiful, and I'm sure Papa misses them terribly when he's not there. Glad thay had some time together!