Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gobble gobble!

Last Thursday was the girls' last day of school and also their Thanksgiving program. Caroline's class was turkeys and Aly's was pilgrims! They sang a couple of cute songs and then we had a 'feast'!

We are ecstatic over at our house today: Daddy coached his last game before Thanksgiving last night so he is finished for a few days, holidays are in the air, and best of all: Nana and Papa are coming to visit tomorrow!! We knew they couldn't stay away until the baby comes in February! Thank goodness, because we need to see them! They should be leaving NY about an hour ago, and pulling into our driveway about dinnertime tomorrow night!

Happy Thanksgiving to every one!!

Our little Turkey

Best Friends, Aly and Lizzy

Daddy and his girls

Caroline's favorite part: the feast!

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