Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Baby is 2!!

Little Caroline turned 2 on Friday! As keeping with tradition (well, a TWO YEAR tradition!), we celebrated with my parents at their house before we returned home, and then had a little party at our house for the actual day. She loved getting sung to (several times throughout the day!), and really got into opening presents this year.

She is truly an absolute ray of sunshine all day, everyday. She is a source of entertainment to all of us, especially Aly. She loves to love, kiss and hug, and her biggest concern is that everyone (including inanimate objects like forks!) are happy. What a blessing she is and I look forward to every wake-up we have with her!

Sweet amazement! Blowing candles (at my parents')

I LOVE this girl!!

I love the way Aly's eye-ing Caro here!

Annual Birthday Breakfast at the 3 girls' favorite: Panera

Opening Presents (the ribbons were the highlight!)

Private Birthday Party

Aly in Minnie Mouse ears

This picture is sooo Caroline! The messed up hair, the crooked hat...and absolutely loving life!

Playing with new dollhouse and dolls (well, furry little animals)


The McPhersons said...

Adorable! Caroline looks just like you:) I know you had a blast!

georgiamom said...

Happy B-day!! Also, I thought you might enjoy the post on
Thought it may be encouraging to read on the nights when your hubby is pouring into young men!