Monday, December 15, 2008

A Recipe for Disaster...and Some Pictures.

Well, I got lazy and tried to TRIPLE a recipe for cookies usually happens when I make a bigger-than-recommended recipe...I screwed up. 3 times the amount of butter! So, my kitchen is a wreck, I feel like a complete Scrooge because my neighbors are no longer getting cookies, and Chad is on the road recruiting. So why not catch up on reading blogs!

Aly had her Christmas program on Thursday. It's funny, because at home she is such a performer; she sings into anything she can get her hand on, dances around, and yells, "Ladies and Gentleman!" But on Thursday during the 2-year-old's single performance, she stood there! But what a cutie, stage fright and all!

I took the girls on a little trip to Nashville this weekend. Chad had a tournament (we only made it to about a half of one game!), but I got to spend the weekend with my best friend from Farmville, Cortney, and three-fourths of her kids! Her parents live there, so we stayed with them and just had a ball catching up and hanging out! I just have to laugh when I think of the two of us driving through her parents' beautifully lit neighborhood with a car packed with kids- the two of us belting out Christmas songs while the kids yelled, "Can we turn the movie back on?!" Ahh, Christmas memories for everyone!

Lillie Claire, Lizzy, and Aly...pre-performance

Mama, Daddy, and our little 'show-stopper'

The "Two's"

Caroline, Emma, and Aly (in Nashville)

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