Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pickin' Boyfriends and Strawberries

Due to the fact that I have two brothers, I never experienced having to share with a sister: things like my clothes, friends, and boyfriends were of no interest to my brothers (well, maybe not the friends, but that's another set of stories!). I saw my first glimpse of how sibling rivalry can start several days ago: Aly goes to a little 'school' a few hours a week, and last Wednesday we attended the 'end-of-the-year' party. The kid whom she talks about the most is a little boy named Cooper--she always says his name and talks about how funny he is. Well, I put Caroline down on the floor and who's attention did she immediately attract? None other than the famous Cooper himself came over and was just loving all over Caroline! Aly was oblivious, but I had to laugh/cringe at what trouble the teenage years could potentially bring to the Warner household! Here is a picture of Cooper and the boyfriend-stealer:

On Saturday, we took a trip to a strawberry farm. Last year, we were able to enjoy the trip and escape tear-free. This year was different, however. Caroline was still feeling pretty bad from her bout with strep throat, so she was hot and a little fussy from the get-go (who could blame her?) Aly did great until it was time for a taste of the homemade strawberry ice cream: we bought one and she suddenly became Selfish Aly and was appalled at the idea of having to share her ice cream with Chad and me. Then, she very two-year-old-ly voiced her opinion that she would rather stay at the strawberry patch rather than getting in the car to drive home. It was hot and nearing dinnertime, but did every person in the parking lot have to stop what they were doing and stare at us?! We were able to make it home by singing thousands of verses of "Old McDonald had a farm" (my c.d. player in the car doesn't work), but we won't be taking another trip to the strawberry farm this season. I have to laugh when I look at this first 'family' picture as it brings back memories of the disFUNctional afternoon:

This last picture is that of the girls and Chad on the front porch swing, all in better moods.

The videos are of Aly praying before bed (she's usually very comprehensible until she prays and seems to speak in tongues!), and of Caroline being assaulted by/cracking up at her sister.


The Huffman's said...

The praying video of Aly is absolutely hysterical!!!! Such a cute fam! Sorry to hear of the temper tantrum in the middle of the parking lot! She'll grow out of it!!! :)

Kristan said...

Oh my goodness, those videos are too cute! Isn't it precious to see them interacting? I swear, no one can make Carter laugh like his big brother and vice versa :-)So cute!