Monday, June 4, 2012

It's me, again!

So, when the season ends, we I have the tendency to pull my family in, become very selfish with our time, and wrap us up into this little Warner cocoon.  The bad news is that I kinda tune out from the rest of the world.  That's not entirely true... we have had A LOT going on... but keeping up with emails, texts, and blogs is not high on my list of to-do's.  But I'm back, I tell you!  After much hibernation and relaxation, I have finally downloaded 3 months worth of pictures from my camera and phone.  They aren't all here, but here is a short history of what we've been up to since March: 
 1.  We made it to the Final 4.

2.  We pierced.  
          Brave girl.

3.  We became VERY independent.  
          Two favorite phrases: "Do it myself" and "I did it!" 
          Upside: no more paci!

4.  We danced.

 5.  We graduated.               
                                                               {from Kindergarten}

                                                                     {from Pre-K}

 6.  We flower girl-ed and ring bearer-ed
       ... a couple of times.

 7.  We said good-bye to schools and schedules.

 8.  We beached.
                                                                    The Protector

                                                                     The Mermaid

                                                           The Girl You'd Love to Know

On a more serious note...
Chad tore the meniscus in both knees and is having his first of two surgeries tomorrow.  The tender-hearted Aly has cried on-and-off all day, really concerned that Chad is going to die.  Caroline, in typical-fashion, is oblivious  not at all worried and keeps asking, "What does Aly keep crying about?"  Oh, the difference a sister makes!

                                                        Chad's Get-Well-Soon Counter


Michelle said...

What an adventurous summer! I miss you ALL so much! Sending my love to the Warners!

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