Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness

What a difference a year makes. Although the season can be long and tiring, I feel like my hard-working coach is finally getting a chance to enjoy some fruits of his labor; basketball has definitely been an unbelievable ride this year. I've said before that from October until mid-March, basketball season is a very demanding family member, but this year it is one that has provided us with excitement and hopeful expectation.

Saturday night, the team won the conference tournament (after already winning the regular season conference title.) The celebration was a far cry from the way that our season ended last year. Now, onto Kansas City for the National Tournament!

Chad, named Coach of the Year, cutting down the nets at the end of the tournament
and celebrating with the team.

(please excuse the amateur videography...but I had to try to show my 5'10' white husband getting down with the best of 'em!)


Cort said...

i can't stop giggling! congrats, warners! you all deserve that title. xoxoxo

Ashley Smith said...

That is so great! Tell Chad congrats from us. Good luck at the tournament. Miss you guys!

Joni said...

That video just made my day. : )