Monday, January 16, 2012

Going, going, GONE!

Due to some problems with her ability to hear, Caroline got her third set of tubes put in this morning, her adenoids out for the second time, and her tonsils out. After the surgery, the doctor said that her hearing should be much better and without those "rotten tonsils", she should have a much easier time with breathing and just staying healthy, in general.

As for the patient, she is UNBELIEVABLE! We have heard a lot of horror stories over the past week, and though we have a ways to go, she has proven to be her usual tough self.

Here's our baby girl, pre-op and very excited

Although she woke up from surgery crying, "I don't like my throat. I wanna go home" she has rallied. She's drinking, eating, smiling, and watching lots of tv. Who could ask for more?!

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Cort said...

oh my goodness gracious, i love that sweet girl. give her extra love and kisses from us.