Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of School and More Birthday

You would never know it from my blog, but we actually went on an awesome 2-week vacation up to New York. But because we got back on Caroline's birthday with a week of partying (3-year-old style!) and starting school to follow, the pictures of NY will have to wait. At least one more day!

School started for both girls yesterday. Because the week has been so filled with birthday, unpacking, and readjusting to the heat, we barely were ready for school! But by the wee hours of Tuesday night, hair was trimmed, lunches were made, school bags were packed, and clothes were ironed. No tears this year, though Chad and I have already started mourning the fact that this is the last year of preschool for Aly! We will try to savor every last moment.

Ready to conquer the world!
The beginning of school also marks the beginning of some time I've really been looking forward to: some one-on-one time with Jack. He is sucha happy, laid-back baby that he often ends up sitting (or laying) to the side while the more...high-maintenance... girls steal the majority of my attention. I can't wait to finally get a chance to get to know this sweet guy a little better:

In this week of "birthday" which began with a small party at my parents' last Thursday, we ended our week-long celebration today with cupcakes in Caroline's new classroom. I guess she is now officially three!!

Believe it or not, the BEST picture we could get all together!

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Jessica Baker said...

I love the pictures Karin! I miss you guys!