Saturday, October 4, 2008


It is fall in the Warner home. The windows are open, the fair is in town, and basketball practice has begun. Chad started on Sunday, and I think we've made a good adjustment to the season so far. The girls and I have only made it to one practice, though I'm sure that as the weather gets colder, we'll make it to more and more. Aly is an all-time flirt, and LOVES the "basketball boys" (her favorite being Tomas whom she cheers for individually during games and even practice!) Though Caroline went to plenty of games and practices last season, this is the first time that she actually realized what was going on; she was enamored and watched intently the entire time we were there. The sweetest thing was a few minutes after watching when she finally realized that Daddy was out on the court and she started squealing, pointing, and looking back at me like, "Look who's here!!" Aly cried as we left, but that's kinda par for the course with her emotional state these days!

I took the girls to the fair today while Chad was at practice. Not one of my better ideas.

My girls have officially started boycotting pictures. They will not look at the camera, and when they do, it's usually not pretty. I've attached a couple of pictures, though, and a video of Aly doing a Georgia cheer Chad taught her...this is the same cheer that she is singing to "Cawo-yiney" in their room every morning around 6:30. She seems to have handled Georgia's loss last weekend better than most people around here!

"Princess Aly"

Daddy's Little Girl-part 2


Kristan said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that video and especially at the beginning where it looks like she is trying really hard to swallow her food. Her little expressions are precious!

Mom of Eleven said...

speaking of cheerleaders, I have an extra 4T GA cheer. outfit if Aly needs one?

Anonymous said...

too precious! She is awesome! She and Brooks could compete - Brooks knows the Aggie War Hymn.